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AIRScan offers a reliable analysis and well-founded recommendations to improve.

AIRScan is a comprehensive audit of your entire compressed air installation, including energy input, air flow demand, system pressure, air quality, pressure drops, and more, over a significant period. Performed by highly trained Energy Consultants, AIRScan offers a reliable analysis and well-founded recommendations for energy efficiency improvements.

What guarantee do I have of the quality of an audit?

AIRScan follows the ISO 11011 standard for compressed air energy efficiency assessments. This ensures that your complete installation is assessed according to a clearly defined framework. Moreover, if you have, or are considering, an ISO 50001 energy management system, the AIRScan audit can serve as your benchmark.

What happens if I choose not to have an AIRScan?

You run the risk of missing out on a significant reduction of your energy consumption. A typical AIRScan identifies tangible measures that result in 25-30 % energy savings.

What's the risk if someone else audits my system?

The risk is an incorrect analysis with flawed recommendations, leading to investments in solutions that do not pay off. Our dedicated Energy Consultants provide independent advice tailored to your circumstances, based on the latest insights and innovations in air compression technology.