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At Atlas Copco, we know compressed air. For more than 140 years, we have been delivering and improving the better compressors in the business. This includes a wide range of piston and scroll compressors, the types that are used by dental professionals. Over the years, we have pioneered many innovations. One of the most significant was the introduction of Class 0 air for industries that require absolutely unquestionable clean air.

Optimal Performance

Atlas Copco dental compressors are designed and built to work for you. Their straightforward control i panel ensures you don't require an engineering degree to operate the machine Compact in size, they fit in smaller spaces And with a 100% load cycle and none levels between 53 and 65 (A), their continuous, uninterrupted operation is non-intrusive

Close-Up: A Better Dental Compressor

You Need Quality Air No Excuses, No Compromises

National and international organizations have issued health and safety norms that also apply to the air used in dental practices. Our LFx, LF and SF series easily meet and exceed mandatory and self-imposed quality criteria, giving you peace of mind at all times.

It All Starts With Compression Technology

With oil-injected compression, even filtered, there is always a chance oil vapors, aerosols or other contaminants remain. Atlas Copco’s oil-free technology delivers 100% oil-free air. Aside from clean air for your patients and instruments, this also means a longer lifetime of your compressor with only minimal service and absolutely no oil changes required.

Dry Air Required

Compressed air contains moisture that can cause corrosion and rust. Depending on your needs, Atlas Copco compressors offer dew points as low as -40°C/°F to maximize the reliability and lifetime of both your compressor and the equipment it powers.

Oil Free Air Compressors

Compact 100% oil-free airy

Thanks to a unique, robust design and the optimal combination of quality materials, LFx compressors offer improved performance and extended product lifetime

Easy maintenance

All the LFx's components and service points are easily accessible. No oil changes needed

Quiet operation

The LFx comes standard with a silencing hood. Its noise levels are as low as 62 dB(A), so you can install it close to the point of use.