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Refrigerant dryers are the most commonly used dryers in the industry and consist of an air-to-air heat exchanger and an air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger. The heat exchangers remove moisture from your compressed air by condensation of water within.This is essential to protect compressed air systems and every piece of equipment fed by compressed air from the harmful effects of moisture.

Refrigerant Dryer F 6-400

Dry, clean air: reliable, safe production

The Atlas Copco F dryer cools compressed air to remove all moisture:

  • • Protect your tools
  • • Safeguard your products
  • • Minimize maintenance
  • • Reduce costs

Features & benefits

Great performance and reliability

  • • Lower production and product failure rate
  • • Steady pressure dewpoint
  • • Quality rotary. compressor with low power requirements
  • • Efficient and reliable 3-1 heat exchanger
  • • Hot gas bypass valve saves energy

Cost savings

  • • Your tools last longer
  • • Fewer system and tool repairs
  • • Low maintenance

Easy installation and operation

  • • Plug and play
  • • Only one electrical connection
  • • Digital controller with easy pressure dewpaint display

Environment friendly

  • • Low power consumption
  • • Low impact R134A/R410a refrigerant
Compressed Air Dryers